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Euthanasia Services

How to know when it is time to let your pet go

Sometimes a rapid downturn in your pet's condition makes it clear that we must decide to euthanize. Sometimes it is very difficult to determine when that time has come. Pets may have bad days and good days. On a bad day we begin to think that the time has come to say good-bye, but the next day they seem better. At times, it seems like we go day to day trying to decide what is best.

Each patient, family, and situation is different, and we will be there to help when the decision is difficult.

Our veterinarians will offer expert advice on medical conditions and whether they may progress. Pain is a condition of great concern to people who care for pets. Nobody wants their friend to suffer. We can help you know what to watch for as your pet ages.

Some of the things we watch for as a pet approaches the end of its life are signs of pain, such as crying, shaking, or lying in unusual places or positions. Appetite can be a sign, especially if it changes abruptly. Sometimes extreme difficulty rising or the loss of housebreaking or incontinence can enter into the decision.

When the decision is especially hard, it may help to actually write a list of the positives and negatives.

When the time comes, we offer both an at-home and a comfortable in-hospital option for you and your pet. Our veterinarians are honored to be a part of both your life and that of your pet. We are experts at keeping your pet as stress- and pain-free as possible.

Euthanasia Services

We have the ability to provide your pets with a stress-free and pain-free passing when their quality of life has diminished. The word "euthanasia" means "good death." We take it to mean helping a pet to at the end of its life to pass with dignity and without discomfort or worry.

At Home Euthanasia*

When the time comes, we can come to your home so that you and your pet can be in a comfortable and familiar setting when you say goodbye. Our doctors will do everything possible to make it a low-stress, comforting environment. When you are ready to proceed, you can be wherever you are most comfortable during your pet's final moments. Afterward, we can help to arrange your pet's final resting place. Rest assured that your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect he deserved when he was alive.
*Available for current clients only.

In-Hospital Euthanasia

We also offer a comfortable option here at our hospital. Special care will be taken to assure your and your pet's comfort. The same procedures performed at your home will be performed here in our hospital.


We will sedate your pet before the euthanasia to ensure he is asleep and feeling no pain during his final moments.

Your pet's remains can be cremated. The ashes may be returned to you or they may be spread at your request. Some owners may have a place to bury their pet's body. We will help in any way we can.

We hope this information is helpful. Please call us at 970-482-1987 to discuss this or any questions or concerns you may have.