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Raintree offers first class care for your animals. Animals safety and comfort is their number one priority. My 11 year old dog used to hate going to the vet, but he does not mind it now. He knows he’s going to get fawned over, loved on, and get treats from their exceptional staff. My 5 month old puppy is going to know great vet visit from the start because of them. He loves playing with the staff there and getting told how cute he is.

Not only are my animals extremely comfortable here, but they are taken care of, and all of my concerns are met. Whether it’s in person, or through email they have always been on top if communicating with me and answering my various questions.

Overall, they offer exceptional care for your furry loved ones, and exceptional communication to the owners. I would highly recommend them

Rachel E.

They have always taken good care of me and my furry friend. I take my dog here for routine items like nail trimming, check-ups and vaccinations. I have luckily not had to take him in for any medical conditions or urgent issues, but I trust they would take good care of him if that time ever comes. They are also helpful to call in order to ask if you need to bring your pet in under a given circumstance.
Derek W.

I have been with Raintree for nearly 10 years and they have always been amazing. They always make us feel welcome and remember my family and dogs.

They are expensive but I feel they are worth it. They talk through all procedures and services, why they are offering them and, when applicable, that they are optional. They discuss pricing along the way as they have these discussions as well, so you don’t agree to anything with a surprise cost.

Thank you, Raintree, for your continuously loving care!

Meridith M.

We brought our shiba Inu here two years ago with what we learned was a spinal infection. She was screaming in pain but the staff at Raintree and specifically Dr.Nina were able to comfort her and help treat this issue. Ever since our pup loves going to the vet and cries with excitement as soon as we get in their parking lot. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new vet in foco.
Mackenzie F.

We had an awesome experience with Dr. Arnold and our pet rats. He was compassionate and kind and very informative as well. We were really happy with our animal treatment here – highly recommend this place.
Stephanie M.

I used to kennel my ferret with Raintree and have always had very pleasant experiences with this business. They are attentive to my pet’s needs and have always answered my questions confidently and politely. If you’re looking for a great place to take good care of your pets, this is an excellent option.
Elizabeth P.

We rescued a kitty after she was found on a dairy farm in Wellington. The kind folks found her and we were told about her. We went to Wellington and saw this little kitten , at least we thought she was a kitten. She was dehydrated and stinky and hungry. She was also loving and sweet. We have used Raintree in the past and loved the clinic. Dr. Holmes was wonderful with our new fur baby. It turns out she was really 7 months old and just neglected. We appreciate all the staff at Raintree for their care and concern for each animal they care for. We are grateful they were there and were able to get Frankie in the next day.
Kathi and Steve S.

Amazing caring staff. Dr Tom Arnold is the best Vet around. Really in tune with your animal and makes the parents feel comfortable.
Yvonne F.

I LOVE Raintree. Everyone there is incredibly good to both me and my pets. There have been a few occasions when they were running pretty late for scheduled in-home appointments. However, their kindness and understanding made it better and it wasn’t so bothersome that I felt the need to take away a star. I wouldn’t consider taking my cats to any other vet in town. I took my kitten a year ago for shots and her first check up and, so long as I live in the area, I plan on getting her care from Raintree for years to come. I will always recommend Raintree to other pet parents. I’ve never met a better group of people so dedicated to their patients, both four-legged and two!
Lindsey B.

I absolutely love Raintree! There’s a feeling of comfort when I walk in the door with my animals that I didn’t feel at my previous veterinarian’s clinic. So glad I found them!
Cynthia T.

Dr. Arnold and the staff at Raintree are simply the best! Our dogs love to go to the vet now, which means a lot!
Donna L.

This place is inviting and friendly. The people here seem to really care and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Along with this quality does come some cost though. This is definitely more expensive than vets I have gone to in the past, so be aware of that. That said, I find the quality of service to be worth the extra cost. I highly recommend this place!
Andrew B.

Super friendly service and knowledgeable staff. They take exotic pet patients, so I brought my guinea pig in over a month ago because he had been sneezing. He passed his exam, and they observed healthy lungs. They told me that rodents can develop upper respiratory infections easily, so just to be sure they gave me an antibiotic. After the ten days I haven’t heard him sneeze! He’s a healthy and happy boy. Their carefulness regarding the health of my piggy made me so happy and thankful! Can confirm it is a great place to take exotic pets!
Sofie C.

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At Raintree Animal Hospital, we respect your bond with your pet, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs and concerns while providing the highest quality care for your pet—from birth through their senior years.


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