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Whether your companion has fur or scales, the Raintree Animal Hospital team will be here to help! Read more below about our exotic animal care services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are fun little creatures who will give you lots of love!

Proper housing, medical care, and diet will ensure that your guinea pig lives many long years. Provide a home that will give your guinea pig enough room to exercise, and one that can be easily cleaned. Make sure that there is some solid flooring to prevent foot disease.

A guinea pig diet should consist mostly of long stem Timothy hay, with only about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of alfalfa pellets daily. Fresh greens and veggies can also be offered. Stay clear of spinach and Swiss chard. Never give your guinea pig fatty foods, or chocolate.

Guinea pigs require daily supplementation of Vitamin C. The best way to supply this is by a 1/4 of a fresh orange or green bell pepper daily. Supplements are sold to go into the water, but it is questionable whether the vitamin remains stable, and the water should be changed daily. A 50mg dose of a vitamin C tablet can be crushed and placed in the food.

Don’t place your guinea pig in a drafty area and keep indoors.

Annual exams are important to ensure good health. Guinea pigs are prone to parasites, tumors, and dental disease. A guinea pig can be neutered and that may help to prevent some reproductive tumors. Raintree Animal Hospital has a special interest in guinea pig neutering.

Some people consider breeding guinea pigs, but care should be taken as they have narrow pelvises and can have birthing complications. Call our office today to schedule a complete health exam for your furry friend!


Rabbits make wonderful pets.

They have special nutritional and housing needs. Much of the disease seen in domesticated rabbits is related to poor nutrition. Most people feed their rabbits commercial rabbit pellets and little to no hay. This type of feeding can lead to G.I. problems, known as Ileus, or a slowing/halting of the movement of the G.I. tract. This results in the obstruction of food and hair in the stomach or intestinal tract.

Rabbits should be fed a high quality Timothy hay free choice with only 1/4-1/2 cup of commercial pellets daily. Alfalfa hay should be used with caution and reserved for juveniles. Alfalfa can lead to calcium stones in the bladder. Fruit should be limited to no more than one tablespoon daily. Certain greens like Swiss Chard and Spinach should be avoided.

Fresh water should also be provided daily.

Poor diets, lacking hard materials for chewing, can lead to dental disease. Rabbit teeth continuously grow, and care should be taken to avoid over-growth. Physical exams and tooth trimming can help maintain a normal mouth and prevent medical problems.

Full dental exams are important and are provided during the physical exam. It is not advised to house a rabbit outdoors, as the Colorado climate is not bunny friendly. In the warmer months, rabbits are prone to fly strike and may become subject to maggot infestation.

Care should be taken when choosing bedding for your rabbit. Aromatic wood chips like pine and cedar can lead to respiratory problems. Also, some solid flooring should be provided to prevent foot injury on grate only surfaces.


Raintree Animal Hospital treats reptiles. We would be more than happy to see you and your pet for a thorough consultation regarding husbandry, diet, health, and medical conditions or concerns. Please call us at 970-482-1987 to schedule an appointment.


Raintree Animal Hospital treats reptiles. We would be more than happy to see you and your pet for a thorough consultation regarding husbandry, diet, health, and medical conditions or concerns.

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