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Canine Otitis Trial

If your dog is experiencing signs of ear problems, they may be eligible for a clinical trial that our clinic is currently participating in.

Signs of an ear problem may include one or more of the following – scratching and rubbing the ears, frequent head shaking, black or brown debris in the ear, odor in the ear, redness in or on the ears, and crusted or scabby skin on the ear.

The purpose of the trial is to test a new medication for dogs with certain types of ear problems with the goal of being granted FDA approval.

To be eligible for this trial, dogs must: be at least four months of age, be manageable and cooperative in a clinic setting, not be pregnant, lactating, or actively breeding, pass the veterinarian’s general health evaluation, is not currently receiving treatment for the ear problem, and meet other criteria that will be reviewed with you at the veterinary clinic.

Please give us a call at 970-482-1987 to discuss the trial and schedule a screening visit if you think your dog might qualify.

Canine Atopic Dermatitis Trial

We are investigating a potential new treatment to relieve your dog of symptoms such as excessive, irritable itching, inflamed skin, or chewing on their feet and legs. If your dog is experiencing symptoms or has been diagnosed with allergic or atopic dermatitis, they may be eligible to enroll! To learn more, visit the study website or contact us at 970-482-1987

Feline Arthritis Trial

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