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Feline Chronic Kidney Disease with Anemia

Does Your Cat Have Chronic Kidney Disease with Anemia?
Find out if you can enroll your cat in a new clinical study for Feline CKD. Enrollment Criteria:

  • Must weigh greater than 4.4 lbs
  • Must be 1+ years old at start of study
  • Must be vaccinated against, or tested Negative for FeLV or FIV
  • Must be able to be handled for study procedures
  • Must not be intended for breeding, pregnancy, or lactation
  • Cannot have Urinary Tract Infection unless treated effectively before start
  • Cannot have obvious signs of GI Bleeding
  • Hyperthyroid cats are accepted if surgical or radiation treatment occurred 6 months ago or longer

Contact us to see if your cat can enroll!

Canine Aging Food Clinical Trial

Raintree Animal Hospital is participating in a 16-week clinical trial to understand the health of senior dogs. During this clinical trial, dogs will be fed one of two study foods, both of which are appropriate for older dogs. We are currently looking for eligible dogs to be included in this exciting clinical trial! Qualified candidates will receive a free activity tracker for their dog’s collar, two months of free dog food delivered to their home, and a credit on their veterinary account at Raintree upon the successful completion of all clinical trial responsibilities. To learn more, please contact Sarah Macaluso at 970-482-1987 or

Canine Cancer Food Trial


Has your dog been diagnosed with cancer?

Benign and malignant tumors are common in dogs and can cause changes in appetite. Our clinic is currently participating in a study to investigate a new food in dogs who have received a cancer diagnosis and that also have a normal or decreased appetite.

If your dog is selected for participation in the study, you will need to bring them to the clinic for 2 visits approximately 1 month apart. At home, you will feed your dog the test food each day and answer questions about your dog on a mobile application you download to your phone or tablet.

All costs for physical examinations and lab work related to the study are covered. You may also be eligible for additional compensation for your time to complete the required tasks for the study.

Please talk to your veterinarian if you would like to learn more about this opportunity!

Canine Otitis Trial

If your dog is experiencing signs of ear problems, they may be eligible for a clinical trial that our clinic is currently participating in.

Signs of an ear problem may include one or more of the following – scratching and rubbing the ears, frequent head shaking, black or brown debris in the ear, odor in the ear, redness in or on the ears, and crusted or scabby skin on the ear.

The purpose of the trial is to test a new medication for dogs with certain types of ear problems with the goal of being granted FDA approval.

To be eligible for this trial, dogs must: be at least four months of age, be manageable and cooperative in a clinic setting, not be pregnant, lactating, or actively breeding, pass the veterinarian’s general health evaluation, is not currently receiving treatment for the ear problem, and meet other criteria that will be reviewed with you at the veterinary clinic.

Please give us a call at 970-482-1987 to discuss the trial and schedule a screening visit if you think your dog might qualify.

Feline Arthritis Trial

Is your dog experiencing signs of food allergies?

Our clinic is currently participating in an observational study to assess signs of food allergies in dogs. Food allergies can be a nuisance to dogs and could cause harm through dermatological and even gastrointestinal issues! If your dog has been experiencing food allergies, they may be eligible to enroll.

Participation in the study includes:

  • Physical examinations
  • Lab work
  • And a collar worn activity sensor

To be considered for eligibility: your dog must have a history of dermatological and/or gastrointestinal signs and cannot be consuming therapeutic food other than those for food allergies.

To find out more details, please contact Sarah at (970) 482-1987 or You can also visit this info page to learn more about eligibility requirements:

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