Trying to figure out a paw-sitively great gift for your furry friend? Check out our suggestions for what Santa can leave under the Christmas tree for your pet. 

#1: BarkBox or meowbox subscription

As you wander through the pet store aisles, you’re bombarded with a plethora of toys and treat options. End decision paralysis by signing up your pet for a monthly box of goodies specifically chosen for her. For dogs, a BarkBox containing two innovative toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and a chew curated from each month’s themed collection, is the perfect gift. An option for super chewers is also available. For cats, a meowbox subscription is designed to win over the most finicky feline. Each meowbox contains at least four fun toys, including one that is handcrafted by a local artisan or small business, and a tasty treat.

#2: Furbo camera

Although marketed for dogs, the Furbo camera can be used for any furry friend. Furbo has three alerts that will let you know if your pet is being active, such as jumping on the furniture or chewing on cords, if a person comes into view, and if your pet is facing the camera to take a snap-worthy selfie. You can also set up a treat-tossing schedule for your pet through the Furbo app. An adjustable barking alert and two-way audio can inform you of intruders, gas leaks, or fires, and may save your pet’s life.

#3: Snuffle mat or LickiMat

Your pet gets bored waiting all day for you to come home. Spice up her routine with a fun alternative to slow feeder dishes that will entice her to work for her meals. Perfect for dogs or cats, the LickiMat works well with canned food, peanut butter, spray cheese, or tuna. The LickiMat lasts longer when food is frozen, plus its raised pattern helps promote fresh breath and healthy gums by scrubbing away plaque. For pets who prefer kibble over soft foods, check out a snuffle mat, which is a rubber mat that has fleece strips tied through it, with the loose ends left on top to create perfect foraging ground for treats and kibble.

Of course, nothing is better than a happy, healthy pet. Give your beloved companion the gift of good health by scheduling her wellness exam